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Useful advices


Human life expentacny is affected by many different factors: genetics, lifestyle, environment and work conditions and taking health seriously.

To prolong life expectancy one should adjust their lifestyle to harmonize their needs and body performances with age, sex, medical conditions and heredity.

If heredity is impossible to change, everyone can take preventive health measures in order to improve life quality.Petrapharm Pharmacy


Long and healthy life is not a secret! Just follow these advices:

Keeping lifestyle in order, which means:

Regular night sleep (7-8 hours)

Healthy diet: (spread your daily food intake into 4-5 meals containing fresh fuits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meat and fish, milk, eggs and virgin oils)

Avoit fatty foods, salt, refined sugars and industrial meat products

Drink at least 10 glasses of water a day

Moderate physical activity adjusted to age, health condition and personal affinities

Love and sex life have positive effects on healthPetrapharm Pharmacy


Regular body, clothing and environment hygiene prevents infectionc and contageous diseases.

Regular intelectual and physical activities help preserve good brain function.

Regular visits to the doctor for performing systematic reviews can discover some body imbalances in time and prevent the occurrence of serious diseases. The rapid lifestyle and lack of time are the most common excuses for irregular health checks. Thanks to digital monitors on the market, today anyone can and should selfmeasure blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides levels in blood. Some of these analyzes are performed in a very quick and easy way. If you notice any deviation from the normal values during these measurements, go see a physician immediately.


Normal values that present a healthy organism:

Blood sugar level: 3,9 – 6,1 mmol/l

Blood cholesterole:

< 5,2 mmol/l – normal values - 5,2 – 6,2 mmol/l – risky values - >6,2 mmol/l – high values

Blood triglycerides:

< 1,69 mmol/l – normal values - 1,7 – 2,25 mmol/l – risky values - >2,25 mmol/l – high values

TA (Blood pressure)

120/80 mmHg – optimal

120 – 129 / 80 – 84 – normal

130 – 139 / 85 – 89 – high blood pressure

140 – 180 / 90 – 109 – mild to moderate hypertension

>180 / >110 – severe hypertension


Along with all of named advice and information, it is necessary to say that intake of good brandy is highly recommended (2-3 times a week) or a glass or two of quality red wine.

Smoking should be avoided or completely abolished, especially for postmenopausal women, when blood vessels get slightly damaged due to lack of estrogen, and myocardial infarction risks are at a higher rate.


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