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Petrapharm Pharmacy




Vendotelon drops for circulation represent the tincture Extraction made of chopped plant material using diluted ethanol under the supervision of pharmacists.







They help with:  

- Tingling in the hands and feet due to poor circulation,  

- Cold hands and feet,  

- Oil contaminated blood vessels due to increased cholesterol and triglycerides,  

- Headaches due to poor circulation in neck area  

- Problems with prostate and urinary tract.


The beneficial impact:  

- Improves circulation and cardiovascular work system  

- Treatment of blood vessels,  

- Reducing the feeling of heaviness in the legs  

- Regulation of blood pressure and  

- Better blood supply of all organs.


Not recommended for persons under the age of 16, people allergic to some ingredients and those who should not be drinking alcohol (due to serious damage to the liver or other diseases where Alcohol is contraindicated).


Composition:   Yarrow, Horsetail, Calendula, sweet clover, Nettle, Hawthorn, Lemon Balm, diluted alcohol.

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